Here is a nice 2003 Honda CR-V Performa iL with only 49,800km that will head to Ontario this spring. It is equipped with AC climate control, power windows (auto feature for the driver), central locking with keyless entry, power mirrors, rear defrost, privacy glass around the back windows.
This is an RD5 generation CR-V which is easily servicable in Canada. Brakes, bushings, belts, filters are all available here. The 2L K20 4cylinder DOHC engine has a timing chain and exhaust side VTEC. The 4WD comes from a dual pump rear differential which engages the rear wheels during a traction loss in the front allowing the car to mainly run in FWD saving fuel.
On arrival this CR-V will receive new tires, new bluetooth radio, detailing, all safety work completed and be sold fit and plated in a new buyer’s name. For more information on reserving this CR-V while it is in transit, please email or call!