The Spirit R is known as the ultimate RX-7, as it was the last of the RX-7 they threw everything they could at it, and only 1,500 of these were produced with about 1,000 being Type A.
RX-7s have become a legend due to their high revving rotary engine, excellent balance and handling.
The Spirit R Type A RX-7 comes with factory upgrades such as:
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Vehicle has been modified from its original production specifications, fuel requires pre-mix solution with oil meter pump delete for increased performance, aftermarket ECU, vacuum pump deleted and pollution controls inoperable/removed. Due to previous modifications, vehicle is being sold unfit without safety or implied warranty. The vehicle may not be fit for use as a means of transportation and may require repairs in your jurisdiction.
Model, Body type: 2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A – Single Turbo
Fuel Type: Gas
Engine Power: 1.3L Turbocharged Wankel Rotary ( 210 KW / 280+ BHP )
Transmission: 5 speed manual
Color: Blue
Doors: 2
Drivetrain: RWD
Location: Canada, Landed
Mileage: TKU KM
Status: Available