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Sharing lots of parts with an evo4/5!
A JDM Classic, A Right-Hand-Drive, Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 Type S
Never sold in the states, but available for import starting last year, I Purchased it when I was stationed in Yokota, Japan and Babied it since, From what I can tell it used to be a company car, given the Antenna on the dash and “no smoking” sign in English on the ashtray.

But You buy the car, not the story.
Make: Mitsubishi
Model: Galant VR-4
Submodel: Type S
Chassis Code:(VIN) EC5A-0002375
Engine: 2.5L 6A13TT Twin Turbocharged
Transmission: Automatic with Triptronic “clutchless” manual
Drive: AWD (Called 4wd due to age)
Mileage: 57,000 (91000KM)
Type S Designation: Means it has Selectable TCL (traction control logic)
and AYC (active yaw control) giving greater control when hard cornering

Aftermarket parts:
Denso Daytime Running light adaptor (company)
Some kind of terrestrial tracker(?) (company)
Axiom brand wheels (came with the car)

Jiko-shiki glow panels (front, rear) for use with the applicable JDM license plates to glow

As the pictures show, the fog lights are starting to fog, there’s some fogging on the passenger side light, and a slight bumper crack, with assorted paint sun damage and fading

Whats Also included:
the Japanese equivalent of Carfax (carvx) that shows all the details up to when my dealer bought from auction
Translated 500 page (2 book) Workshop manual for all year models and types of 8th-gen Galant
translated Owners manual (didn’t come with original)
The export certificate, titling documents, and extra Japanese documents (disposal tax letter, road tax letter, base registration cert, among others, along with the CBP Import documentation from when I brought it back.