Maker: Toyota
Car type name: Land Cruiser Prado
Grade Name: EX Wide
Exhaust volume: 3,000 CC
Year Code: February 1996 (1996)
Imported car model year expression: –
Distance from 173,332 km
Distance status: Real drive
Color system: Midori system
Color Name: Green II 26Z
Car inspection effective deadline: None
Mission: Automatic (AT)
Body type: Crocan, SUV
Model: KD-KZJ78W
Number of doors: 5 doors
Forty number of passengers: 8 seater
Drive method: 4WD, AWD
Fuel: diesel car
Inspection record book: None
Repair history: I do not know
Vehicle number (3 tamper): 093
Recycling Deposit Bill: 9,260 yen
Import route: –
Handle: right
Car history: private use
Owner’s history: Multiple owners
Delivery conditions: Post delivery
Air conditioner: ○
Smart key: –
Sunroof: ○
Lowdown: –
Powerste: ○
CD: ○
Genuine leather seat: –
Non-smoking: –
Power window: ○
MD: –
Genuine Aero Parts: –
Pet Signs: –
Centralized door lock: ○
DVD Videos: –
Genuine aluminum wheel: ○
Limited car: –
ABS: –
TV set: –
Horizontal slip prevention device: –
Test drive, current car confirmation: –
Airbag: –
navigation: –
Traction control: –
instruction manual: –
ETC: –
Back Camera: –
Cold zone specification car: –
New car warranty: –
Keyless Entry: –
Electric Slide Door: –
Welfare vehicles: –
Spare tire: ○
Description of item
● H8 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado KZJ78W
□ ■ □ Exterior / engine condition □ ■ □
· There are each partial scratch, rust, but also
· Lower rust, corrosion rear floors corrosion hole
· Back door knob can not open and close from outside (possible from inside)
· D seat door key hole not lockable
· There is an exhaust leak
□ ■ □ Interior condition □ ■ □
· Interior dirt, stains, scratches
· Seat thread, dirt, per thread
· Handle thread, dirt
· Toggonishi dirt, slack
· Glove box corrupted by the corrupted current wire
□ ■ □ Exterior equipment etc. □ ■ □
· Mounting tire manufacturer: Hancock / product name: Dynapio / Size: 265 / 70R15 / Groove: 2 mm
· Mounting wheel genuine aluminum wheel
· Timing belt replacement: completed / time: H20 100290km Pistomy machine: 1KZ
□ ■ □ Interior equipment etc. □ ■ □
· Audio Maker: Clarion / Media: CD / Operation Checking: OK
□ ■ □ Comment □ ■ □
H8 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado KZJ78W!
It will be handed over at temporary erasure.
Sex Location: Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
Storage location: Murata-cho
Current car confirmation will be made as a reservation system because they are away from our company.
Because it is a storage place, it may be time to prepare for delivery. Please take care of the pick up with a margin.
Payment total amount, name change
Payment amount = successful bid charge + recycling fee (9,260 yen)
※ Please be sure to read the following contents and please bid only for those who can understand.
★ We list the current situation as much as possible, but with the overlooking may have defects that are not insufficient or not described. Please check the actual item before bidding.
★ We do not have maintenance, adjustment, and inspection with simple operation confirmation.
★ Please bid only if you can contact within 3 days after a successful bid.
★ After making a successful bid, please make a payment procedure within one week.
★ After delivery of the successful bid product, it will be no claim and no return.
★ It is a second-hand item, so there may be scratches and dirt not not described.
★ If you participate from a mobile phone, please check the image by PC etc. and please bid.
★ If you have less trading experience (evaluation), you may cancel the bid.
★ Please bid for those who can take off responsibility.
★ In particular, even if there is a significant defect in the product that has been successfully bidred, it can not be liable.
Please understand that it will pass the current situation.
★ If it comes to direct picking up, loading is a successful bidder.
★ If you take from a successful bid to take take, you will be asked to pay for anywhere in any case.
If payment can not be confirmed within one week, we will carry out advance processing by the successful bidder convenience.
★ If each caution does not be observed, you will be registered as a blacklist (all Tokyo Area).
★ Receipt will be returned from each bank / post office transfer transfer, or a statement issued by a credit company.
★ Wednesday can not be dealt with.
★ Correspondence after a successful bid is all supported by dealings Navi
● Cancellation, refund correspondence
※ When canceling for the convenience of the successful bidder, 10% of the total winning bid amount will be canceled as a fee.
※ We will accept cancellation if there is a defect or failure point not described in our explanation only on the sales date.
※ Since the current car check on the day is difficult for the person who is transferred using land transportation, cancellation is accepted until the next day for land-shot arrival.
※ When canceling after delivery, please bring a vehicle to our only by the successful bidder themselves. There is no take-up etc. in our side.
※ We will refund the full amount of money, but it will be bank transfer the next day. Cash refunds can not be accepted at all regardless of the amount. Please note that the transfer fee will be borne by the successful bidder.
※ Even if it is canceled, we can not accept the amount of money and the amount of money if you borrow the transportation expenses and car rental.
Please give me your successful bid and bid to your own responsibility.
Shipping / Land Transport Details (About Takeout)
If you are using land transport, we will send it all over Japan, so please contact us separately.
Payment Method
■ Bank transfer
※ We have refused to pay for cash.
Area information
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