1996 Suzuki Alto Works Turbo (11/95 manufacture date)

YOU CANT GET A LATER MODEL!! This 1996 was manufactured in November 1995 allowing it to be imported and registered as soon as it arrives!! As the pioneer of hatchback Kei cars, this is a high-revving turbocharged 657cc, 3-cylinder, slick 5-speed, fun, tossable chassis. This RHD JDM front-driver runs well and gets around 40 mpg. The body is in excellent original condition with no accidents. The interior is spacious for a small car. It is scheduled to arrive from Japan in January 2021. 

This one is a third-generation Suzuki Alto Works. That hood scoop is functional and directs air to the tiny intercooler under the hood and this car also includes rear seats so you can technically fit four people.

It is in a similar Kei Sports Hatchback category as the Daihatsu Mira L200 TR-XX, Subaru Rex VX Supercharger, Subaru Vivio RX-R, Mitsubishi Minica Dangan ZZ-4, and the Honda City.

  • Condition

    This Hot Hatch sports car was inspected in Japan.

    • ENGINE/Transmission inspected and running strong. It has a performance intake. It has 192,000 km (~119k miles)

    • BODY is in great condition for its age.  

    • INTERIOR clean given its age, all original.

    • WHEELS/TIRES included are factory optional 5 spoke upgraded wheels. 

    • BRAKES fully functional, strong in good health.