Maker: Mitsubishi
Car type name: Pajero Mini
Grade Name: Turbo
Exhaust volume: 660 CC
Year Code: 1996 (1996)
Imported car model year expression: –
Distance from 166,590 km
Distance status: Real drive
Color system: Midori system
Color Name: –
Car inspection effective date: November of the traditional Japanese
Mission: Automatic (AT)
Body type: minicar
Model: E-H56A
Number of doors: 3 doors
Forty number of passengers: 4-seater
Drive method: 4WD, AWD
Fuel: gasoline car
Inspection record book: None
Repair history: I do not know
Candle number (3 下 3): 797
Recycling deposit money: –
Import route: –
Handle: right
Car history: private use
Owner’s history: Multiple owners
Delivery conditions: Post delivery
Air conditioner: ○
Smart key: –
Sunroof: –
Lowdown: –
Powerste: ○
CD: –
Genuine leather seat: –
Non-smoking: –
Power window: ○
MD: –
Genuine Aero Parts: –
Pet Signs: –
Centralized door lock: ○
DVD Videos: –
Genuine Aluminum Wheel: –
Limited car: –
ABS: –
TV set: –
Horizontal slip prevention device: –
Test drive, current car check available: ○
Airbag: ○
Navigation: ○
Traction control: –
Instruction manual: ○
ETC: ○
Back Camera: –
Cold zone specification car: –
New car warranty: –
Keyless Entry: ○
Electric Slide Door: –
Welfare vehicles: –
Spare tire: ○
Thank you for visiting. It is “Pajero Mini” that has been acquired last year, but it will be exhibited because a light tiger was needed.
● First-year registration_A
● Pajero Mini Turbo 4
● Timing belt _
136,329 km
● Car inspection_to
● Driving _
km (I think there is a slight increase in movement etc.)
● Car navigation system

※ Main key + spare key
※ Main key _ Remote control is activated or not.
※ I think that the condition of the engine is good, but in terms of year, rust, small scratches, eco dust etc.
※ There is dirt and aging deterioration with exterior and interior.
※ Former owner, we were able to carry all maintenance, repair, car inspection, inspection maintenance, etc. by dealers. I showed you a bundle recorder when I get over, but because it was personal information, I could not get a record book.
Since the cancellation fee after a successful bid is not received, the person who bids the person to be bidred will be careful as much as possible to avoid troubleshooting.
Even in the case of a successful bid without a current car confirmation, I would like to know the current situation.
As it is the present time, we ask for the purchaser for passenger maintenance etc.
Please do not know the no claim and no return.

Total payment = only successful bid charges. (Recycled deposit and this year’s automobile tax included.)

After confirmation of payment, we will send plates and documents, so we will change the name and delivery after changing the name.
As for land transportation, etc. has not experienced, if you can arrange by the successful bidder, we will cooperate.
Direct pick-up
is. If you take it up in your own way, no support can not be supported even if a vehicle problem occurs. As we can not bear responsibility such as malfunction, violation, accident, etc., I would like to be a self-responsibility.
For a low-year vehicle, please give a ticket that it is recognized that there is also a possibility that trouble will occur immediately after delivery of the vehicle.
I think there will be an overlooking etc. because it is a view of any number of people. There is no bad malice at all, but thank you for the present condition.
Please bid only for those who agree with the description above. If you can not protect it, you will cancel the bid and successful bid, so “I will cancel it by the successful bidder convenience, so please be careful as it will have a bad evaluation.

Light tiger (
We also consider exchange.