This is a 1996 Daihatsu Midget II showing just 19,500km and in very good keitora condition.
Original single stage paint covers the cab and interior. The bed and rails have been carefully re-sprayed with perfect color match and new hardware. The underfloor is showing no corrosion and the body is straight.
The 3cylinder carb 660cc engine starts on the first half crank and is running very well. The Midget is a mid-engine, RWD making approximately 34bhp. Daihatsu Midgets are capable of cruising in city speed traffic and this truck is a lot of fun to drive around town. These 4speed truck versions are only equipped with a single seat and seatbelt, Perfect for the driver than enjoys their own company. The OE Japanese radio has been replaced with a BT Kenwood Excelon unit and a single 4″+tweeter JL speaker in the dash position. .
Currently in London and available. Pricing is all-in for Ontario
For reference, here is a youtube tour I made of a very similar Midget a couple of years ago: