Stock Number: 4861
The AE111 Corolla coupe is a rare and unique Japanese export but also represents sneaky good performance at a bargain. Redesigned for the 1995 model year, this hot-shot Levin model features a punchy twenty-valve engine, a manual gearbox, and has been kept pretty much untouched which is impressive in this day and age. The Light Grey Pearl Metallic (1A7) paint is in particularly good shape for its age and really shows off the subtle lines Toyota integrated. It accentuates the pointed design elements, the way the headlight profile matches the taillights with the C-pillar kink tying it all together. Both the paint and body are in spectacular shape. Of course, there’s always going to be some small door dings or stone chips to contend with any on any car that’s seen actual time on the roads, which this one frankly hasn’t seen too much of. With only 130K verified miles it’s hard to think someone was able to limit themselves to driving thing guy only 5K miles a year. Once you have a chance to experience a Levin you’ll understand what we’re talking about. The handling is exceptional and the power delivery is particularly linear thanks to its naturally aspirated design.
Like the body, the interior has seen a few small changes over the years but nothing crazy. The 3 spoke Momo race wheel hints that this isn’t some drab Corolla like the ones we got stateside. The two-tone patterned seats offer some fantastic support without being overly restrictive. Neither driver nor passenger shows any real signs of wear like bolster degradation, seam separations, or even careless stains. The back seats look just as good and have even been spared of any sun damage which is a common issue. The door panels tell the same story while the headliner is still nice and taut. The dash is in good shape, lacking any cracks or distortion unlike your typical Nissan of the era. All the switchgear is readily at hand and the gauges are easy to read, while the controls are simple to use. The climate control is rather straight forward and works like a charm. While the A/C compressor seems to be doing its job as cold as it is currently everything that comes out of the vents is cold. The red shift boot adds a splash of color and the TRD shift knob feels excellent in the hand. The bit of added weight makes rowing through the 5 speed noticeably easier, especially thanks to the short-throw shift kit it has. Standard power equipment includes functional power-folding mirrors, power locks, and a one-touch driver’s window. Wile the interior is in great shape it is worth noting that the little plastic cap that goes where the side-view mirror mounts on the driver’s side is missing. It’s incredibly minimal, but we did want to disclose that since it doesn’t show up well in the door photos. The OEM head unit has been ditched for Kenwood unit, though you’ll still likely want to swap it out for something more current.
The engine is an absolute gem and is special thanks to its twenty valves, individual throttle bodies, revvy nature, and signature sound. The sound in particular is what makes these cars just so fun. While they’re very pronounced in stock form when you open up the intake and exhaust it only gets better! The SARD open filter intake lets the ITBs really sing which is sound unlike anything else we sell. While it looks much better than stock, the HKS HiPower catback gives it a particularly savage tone that this car deserves. The 20V 4A-GE blacktop benefits from a fresh oil and filter service along with 4 new tires, so you shouldn’t have to worry about anything for some time to come. You can’t help but rev this thing out, as the acceleration is rather impressive for its size. It pulls all the way to 8K redline, and up top, the engine is just as good as any Honda of the era. The gearbox feels directly connected, feeding the power efficiently to the front wheels. Due to the FWD architecture, these are actually fantastic choices for daily drivers. The 4A-GE turns over respectable MPGs if you can manage to keep your foot out of it, and these can even handle some light duty winter action since all the weight is kept upfront. An aftermarket Cusco strut tower brace helps tie the suspension together and give you even better handling. While the AE111 may not get the same love that its predecessor did we sure can’t figure out why. Killer looks, a comfortable interior, and a fantastic drive really does check all the right boxes. Plus, being a Toyota you know you’ve got the reliability to back it up. When you’re looking for a new toy that’s unique yet still practical the Levin isn’t a car to sleep on!