1995 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon

While the Crown was never imported to America, this model would have been closest to our Lexus GS300. It has a 1JZ 2.5L straight-six engine, which was shared by the MK3 Toyota Supra.  The Crown is the longest-running nameplate in Toyota’s lineup and has long been regarded as a versatile, luxurious transporter for both normal passengers and high-profile clientele. The Crown came available in a few different styles, a basic sedan, a practical wagon, and this, the top-of-the-line model, the Crown Royal Saloon, which came optioned with a naturally aspirated variant of the legendary 1JZ engine and a plush interior with full power amenities. This obviously isn’t your average 90’s sedan! Toyota enthusiasts may turbo it. 

ONLY 56k MILES, this incredibly engineered Toyota engine is practically new. 

  • Condition

    This VIP car was inspected in Japan.

    • ENGINE/Transmission inspected and running purrs.

    • BODY as a grade 4 it is in EXCELLENT shape.

    • INTERIOR is very clean with one coffee stain on the passenger floor. 

    • WHEELS/TIRES OEM wheels, popular upgrades include BIG wheels as a VIP (or turn it into a drifter).

    • BRAKES fully functional, strong in good health.