Stock # 4998
The Celsior has proven itself as the gold standard of luxury sedans. Chocked full of luxury amenities it’s east to see why these set the standard for Japanese luxury sedans to come. Our latest ’95 is proof of this with things like leather (which is hard to come by in Japan) power seats and cruise control. Known for being one of the most reliable cars Toyota has ever built, the UCF21 Celsior will last a lifetime if properly maintained. This particular one is finished in Crystal Quartz Metallic (4N1) which is a rather unique color that we don’t see very often. It has a bit of a cashmere hue with a subtle metallic flake that really pops in the sunlight. The paint shows particularly well for its age and really doesn’t have any noteworthy blemishes. The same can be said about the bodywork which is still in fantastic shape as it’s evident someone really made sure to take care of such a prized piece. Clocking in with a mere 32K verified miles this all comes as little surprise.
The interior has been kept in just as great of shape, if not better than the exterior has. The revised interior is luxurious and comfortable. There is a slight bit of bolster wear on the driver seat and along the leading edge of the seat base from sliding in and out over the years, but it’s been kept to a minimum, to say the least. The driver has a full power-adjustable seat and power steering column which are helpful when it comes to finding the perfect driving position. The tan leather and carpeting are in great shape for their age which is tough to say on most cars due to how light it is. The passenger and rear seats are in even better shape. The only real gripe comes by way of the radio screen which is rather pixelated due to age and a common issue on Celsiors. The factory radio still functions but the display is difficult to read clearly. The dual-zone climate control is a nice touch and the A/C is nice and cold for this summer weather on the horizon. You even get some other nice bits like cruise control and dual SRS airbags which aren’t something you find often in Japan. Aside from all the other goodies you still get the basic power-folding mirrors, locks, and windows which work as they should. That’s not to say that this one is perfect, as we did also want to note the tach is inoperable, but still at 26 years old all things considered it’s a minimal issue, especially being automatic.
The 1UZ-FE received a healthy power bump for ’95 and the platform itself saw a noticeable weight reduction. This improves overall performance and efficiency without sacrificing reliability. When we jest about these being bulletproof they’ve been proven to do literally a million miles with routine service. Quick to fire up the Celsior settles into a near-silent idle, the big V8 has little vibration. Power is sent to the rear wheels, as it should be, through an automatic gearbox. The transmission shifts properly and the large four-door is happy to hustle up to ticket territory, so you’ve been warned. The rear airbag suspension was leaking which is a common issue with these so we went ahead and swapped it over to a more traditional strut and spring setup, using brand new parts. We did that for two reasons; it has a tendency to ride a bit better but more importantly, it’s an easier system to service that has a tendency to last longer under routine use. Thanks to fresh rubber on all corners traction isn’t an issue. Plus with its power-assisted steering, these things are shockingly light on their feet despite how heavy they are. For true enthusiasts, this Celsior represents the pinnacle of luxury. All of the accessories you could as for, a drive that you can’t beat, and a bulletproof drivetrain make these certified Japanese Classics.