Stock Number: 4914
1995 marked the debut of the second generation of Toyota’s famed Celsior (LS400.) Taking an already legendary chassis and improving upon it is a tall order, but Toyota was up to the task. The wheelbase was stretched, its 1UZ-FE heart was updated, along with about 90% of the rest of the car. Not only was the car larger creating more interior space, but it was also lighter shaving around 200lbs off the outgoing model. With its sharper new lines, it became one of the most recognizable luxury cars of the time. Finished in a classy Diamond White Pearl (051) and offered with a shocking 22K verified miles, this sumptuous Toyota sedan is equipped with soft executive wool and a slate of incredible power amenities. As you would expect with miles this low the body is in great shape. Of course, we would never call a 26-year-old car showroom new, but it’s ten folds nicer than 95% of the LS400s running around stateside. The Celsior is an absolute steal when you really start digging in and looking at what a comparable stateside one sells for. Just go take a peek at what auction results come back at on Bring-a-Trailer for a sub 40K mile LS and you’ll be blown away. The Diamond White is a prime color choice as it never goes out of style and has a tendency to mask minor imperfections, unlike the darker colors. While there are a few small stone chips and some light clear coat scratches there’s really not much you can complain about with this one.
The revised interior really is a place you could spend all day in. The light beige cloth used is particularly soft and the seats are incredibly plush. Even the seats themselves utilize a new spring design to increase comfort on long drives. The seats are incredibly comfortable and would make for the ideal spot to settle in on an all-day road trip. The seats are in great shape with hardly any signs of wear. Typically we see some wear along the bolsters or some discoloration over the years but this one has been spared from all of that. The carpets and door cards are equally clean with hardly any real signs of use over the years. Even the expansive dash is crack-free with no typical signs of sun damage. They are power-adjustable upfront and even the seatbelts can be raised and lowered to fit people of all sizes with a press of a button. A power telescoping and tilting column is standard along with power-folding mirrors, locks, and windows which work as they should. Dual-zone climate control and airbags were also stock which is one of the first cars to offer that in Japan. Airbags were factory optional still until the late ’90s which is crazy to think here in the US. The climate control functions as it should but there is some slight pixelation to the radio screen worth noting. Not that the radio has all that much compatibility with US frequencies in the first place. The same can be said about the factory optioned TV mounted atop the dash, it’s really more of a novelty at this point. You do get cruise control, another thing we don’t see very often as well as the ability to raise and lower the ride height with a switch on the center console depending on what the roads are looking like. Woodgrain trim breaks up the neural colored interior and compliments the beige seats quite nicely.
Under the large sheet metal, bonnet sits a revised version of the legendary 1UZ-FE. More power, a longer wheelbase, and more efficient aerodynamics separate this platform from the prior design. The engine and driveline utilized in the second generation Celsior are nearly perfect as we all know just how bulletproof these are. With its healthy power bump for the UCF21 and the platform itself saw a noticeable weight reduction. This improves overall performance and efficiency without sacrificing reliability. With a quick twist of the key, the big V8 springs to life and is shockingly quiet in stock trim. Toyota was ahead of the curve when it came to vibration dampening as you’d hardly even notice that the car is running when you sitting in the cockpit. Power is sent to the rear wheels through an automatic gearbox. The transmission shifts properly and the large four-door is happy to hustle up to and above highway-legal speeds without breaking a sweat. The air suspension does a wonderful job of sorting out road imperfections large and small. Ride height is also adjustable through a cockpit mounted switch located by the gear selector. The brakes are confident and the steering is surprisingly light for a vehicle of this size. Four new tires make sure traction won’t be an issue and should have you covered for miles to come. Whether you’re looking for a collector’s piece or a damn near brand new car this Celsior is a prime candidate. The build quality, luxurious appointments, and upscale styling simply can’t be beaten for the price!