1995 Subaru Vivio Bistro Classic

No this isn’t a classic Mini Cooper it’s a retro-inspired modern Subaru! Has only 77k miles (124,000 km). While you can keep the classic style you will also enjoy the modern amenities such as power windows, AC, etc.

The Subaru Vivio (Roman numerals [VI,VI,O], and also inspired by the word “vivid”) is a Kei car that was introduced in March 1992, and manufactured by Subaru until October 1998. It has a 658 cc (52 PS) multi-point fuel-injected four-cylinder engine (44 PS DIN was claimed in Europe for the same engine), which is small enough to place it in the light car class, giving its owners large tax breaks in Japan. There was also a carbureted version with 42 PS (31 kW; 41 hp) in Japan, which equipped the Vivio Van version. The Vivio feels roomy considering its small size, thanks to a relatively tall profile and large windows. It is one of the lightest kei cars, weighing in at between 650 kg (1,433 lb) and 700 kg (1,543 lb) depending on the trim line.

In November 1995 the Vivio Bistro was introduced. This is a modified variation with a retro theme, with Mini-esque front and rear fascias, matching upholstery, and modifications to the dashboard.