Technical Specifications
Make / Model
Nissan Skyline R33
Serial number
Richmond, VA
~84,445 miles
Aftermarket Rear spoiler
Ganador Mirrors
Gram Lights 57G 18″
Aftermarket front lip
MOMO Steering Wheel
RAZO Shift Knob
Defi BF Gauge Suite (Oil Temp, Water Temp, Boost)
Apexi Intakes
Ganador Exhaust
Blitz Coilovers
VADLR $299 Processing Fee. This R33 Nissan Skyline GTR has a legal Virginia State Title, all the import paperwork, and is ready to be registered in your state. California residents will have to research whether or not they can register this vehicle. The vehicle is subject to State Inspection prior to being plated. This vehicle is sold AS-IS This is a used vehicle imported from Japan. Many Japanese imports in the USA are purchased at auction, where they undergo a thorough checkover prior to sale. We have attached a full vehicle history report from Japan including full auction documentation, mileage records, and more. Please see the attached PDF to view the complete history on this Skyline GTR
Vehicle History
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It’s hard to believe that R32 Nissan Skylines first made their way onto US shores about 6 years ago. Enthusiasts who had grown up seeing these cars in automotive movies, games, and magazines rushed to the importers, and R32’s flew off the shelves. It’s no secret that we want what we can’t have, and after a few years of having legal R32 Skyline GTR’s in the USA, enthusiasts started setting their sights on the elusive R33 GTR. Throughout the years a few examples have landed in America via the show and display clause, but 2020 officially marks the first year that the R33 GTR, the “next generation” Godzilla, is officially legal to import. Since J-Spec Auto is our name, and importing is our game, we started scouring the market early to get our hands on clean AND affordable R33’s, and we think this first year example of the GTR is perfectly suited for the enthusiast looking for a true road warrior they won’t feel guilty about driving. Why do we say this? One look at the engine bay and you’ll clearly see this vehicle has been repainted from its original AN0 paint to OEM KH3 black. Fortunately, all paintwork appears to have been done professionally with top quality materials and taken care of extremely well by the previous owner. We must admit, the R33’s smooth body lines look fantastic in black, and we don’t blame the previous owner for initiating the color change. The exterior has been kept mostly stock with a few choice upgrades added to enhance the aesthetics of the vehicle. The factory front lip has been replaced with a larger, OEM style FRP unit, which adds a subtly aggressive touch to the front fascia of the car, and the side mirrors were swapped out for a set of exceptionally rare Ganador units. One of Nissan’s primary goals with the R33 was to create a chassis that was more aerodynamic and stable than the R32. This was done with the help of a lower front fascia, better weight distribution, and a larger rear wing in the back. The factory wing has been modified with an adjustable blade, which can be tweaked to the driver’s specification to increase drag and downforce. The factory 5 spoke alloys were replaced with a set of striking Rays Gram Lights 57G wheels that definitely turn heads wherever they go. Other than these modifications, this exterior is a perfect example of why the R33 is already an incredibly sleek chassis in its factory form. Those familiar with the R32 Skyline can collectively agree that the factory interior wasn’t exactly the best. Luckily, Nissan made it a top priority to ensure that the R33’s interior was greatly improved, and deserving of the Skyline name. The quality of interior materials was increased tenfold, resulting in a more sound and luxurious cabin. The dash was completely redesigned to prevent against the infamous bubbling and cracking, seen on a lot of R32’s, and the cockpit was redesigned to be more sleek and driver oriented. The factory blue trimmed seats are in excellent condition, with no rips, tears or holes, and an aftermarket MOMO Race steering wheel in blue was installed to compliment the factory upholstery. Other interior modifications include a RAZO shift knob and Defi BF series gauges (oil temp, water temp, and boost). A redesigned instrument cluster displays just 135,902 original kilometres on the odometer (84,445 miles!) and all gauges and other interior components work as expected, including the automatic climate control and air conditioning. Under the hood lies Nissan’s legendary RB26DETT motor. While the motor has remained largely unchanged from the R32 generation, it is still the perfect powerplant to propel this R33 at breakneck speeds. This RB26 has been outfitted with a couple choice upgrades to enhance performance, namely the dual Apexi intakes, and Ganador exhaust. Other than this, this RB26DETT has mostly remained stock and has clearly been maintained well by previous owners. Turn the key and this twin turbocharged monster fires right up and idles smooth. Take it out on the road, and you’ll immediately notice a massive upgrade in handling over the R32. Tweaks to the weight savings and distribution make this thing a blast to throw around the corners, and a retuned all wheel drive system means you get traction where you need it the most. A set of adjustable Blitz coilovers keep this R33 planted in the twisties and are in great shape with no leaks or binds, and factory Brembo brakes stop on a dime. This is our first R33 GTR here in the states, but we’re excited to keep bringing in more and more exciting examples of this chassis. Come check this one out today and find out why Nissan was truly at the top of their game in the mid 1990’s.