Maker: Nissan
Model name: Nissan AD Maxwagon MAX Wagon
Grade name: –
Exhaust volume: 1,490 cc
Year Code: 1995 (1995) March
Imported car model year expression: –
Distance: 260,879 km
Distance status: Real drive
Color system: Silver system
Color Name: Silver
Car inspection effective deadline: Until March 4, March
Mission: Automatic (AT)
Body type: Station wagon
Model: E-WFGY10
Number of doors: 3 doors
Fire Capacity: 5-seater
Drive method: 2WD
Fuel: gasoline car
Inspection record book: None
No repair history
Candle number (3 units below): 122
Recycling deposit money: –
Import route: –
Handle: right
Car history: private use
Owner’s history: Multiple owners
Delivery conditions: Post delivery
Air conditioner: ○
Smart key: –
Sunroof: –
Lowdown: –
Powerste: –
CD: ○
Genuine leather seat: –
Non-smoking car: ○
Power window: ○
MD: –
Genuine Aero Parts: –
Pet Signs: –
Centralized door lock: –
DVD Videos: –
Genuine Aluminum Wheel: –
Limited car: –
ABS: –
TV set: –
Horizontal slip prevention device: –
Test drive, current car confirmation: –
Airbag: –
navigation: –
Traction control: –
Instruction manual: ○
ETC: ○
Back Camera: –
Cold zone specification car: –
New car warranty: –
Keyless Entry: –
Electric Slide Door: –
Welfare vehicles: –
Spare Tire: –
It is an individual’s exhibition.
I will try to let you go to the car I love for many years, and I would like to say if you are going to get rid of you.
H7 AD MAX Wagon.
There is a lot of traveling distance, and there is also a spatula.
The car inspection remains until March next year.
Now I’m a car that I’m not running too much, and I thought that I could finish it as an open car and I could finish maintenance.
It is old because it is old, but the engine is fine and I think it will still be able to get on. It is a car of a rare fender mirror.
Because I bought a new car, I will pass the money to this car, I will pass the current, but please contact us if you are concerned about it.
Below is a bullet, but the present situation is listed.
: There is a hit or light dent, but there is no accident and there is no big dent.
: It is weak on the rainy season and the lot of moisture, but the engine moves without problems.
: Oil replacement was conducted regularly. If you have any maintenance, repair each time you have checked for a car shop every time you inspection.
: The window on the driver’s seat side is broken and opened and can not be closed.
: The chair on the driver’s seat is a bit broken. (There is no hindrance to driving) Spring is a slight diagonal.
: Light rain leaks from the gap at the time of heavy rain with the deterioration of the windshield packing.
: A mirror is broken and removed to see the lower vehicle.
: It was said that oil leaks during oil change.
: In the car, there is no bis that stops the fabric.
: I’m replacing the radiator several years ago.
It is better to come directly to see if you are concerned about this so much that it is still a big deal.
Please feel free to email if you have any questions.
Thank you.