Stock Number: 4910
When you think about the best minivans ever built, the Honda Odyssey should immediately come to mind. Efficient, reliable, and nearly the perfect size; this 1995 is an incredible find with its extremely low 45K verified miles. Finished in Nocturn Blue (B622M) this seven-seater is in wonderful shape and includes some incredible power options. Accessorized by a set of factory rain guards, the body looks good other than some minor dings and scuffs associated with normal use. Legally imported, and recently serviced, this clean hauler would make a stellar daily driver, soccer van, or even a neat marketing tool. Either way, this sweet RA1 is a certified Japanese Classic.
The cabin is clean, spacious, and well maintained. It’s clear the old owners cared for this car tremendously in Japan. The tan hues of the cabin combine nicely with the exterior color and look more current than a lot of our offerings that are 26 years old. The view of the road ahead is clear and unobstructed. The dash is in good nick and houses an incredibly rare factory nav/tv unit, as well as an automatic climate control system. For those in the back, a rear climate zone makes long journeys more comfortable and storage can be found from any spot in the cabin. The seats are trimmed in a particularly nice, soft gray cloth. There are no major imperfections such as rips, tears, or holes on any of the seating surfaces. Privacy tint works to keep the harmful rays of the sun off interior plastics and prying eyes away from your cargo. The headliner is clean as are the door cards and carpets. The audio system has decent clarity for a vehicle of this age, but why use it when you can press the right pedal and hear that Honda four-banger wail!
What we love about our Odysseys is that they are built to last. Under the hood is Honda’s familiar F22B. It powers several models so parts are readily available and inexpensive to boot. Fresh off an oil and filter service, the little four-banger fires up promptly with the twist of the key. Our trained techs have also replaced the thermostat with a new one to ensure the cabin occupants have heat at their fingertips. It idles confidently and is mated to an automatic gearbox. The transmission shifts as it should, lacking any hesitation or clunking, Driving the front wheels, these RA1s do fairly well in the snow as the weight of the drivetrain rest upon the drive axle. The long-wheelbase distributes bumps nicely and the van can handle the rigors of daily driving and still feel composed. The steering is power-assisted and light and the brakes are confident in slowing down this transporter. The factory rollers have tons of tread on the tires and this van can be used year-round if necessary.