For Sale: B StockOur “B Stock” vehicles offer enthusiasts a chance to own an RHD import for restoration purposes or off road/competition use only. These vehicles have various mechanical/structural defects that prevent the vehicle from passing a state safety inspection and are perfect for anyone looking for a long term project at the fraction of the cost of one of our turn-key vehicles. This is a 1994 Nissan 180SX “Type X” that was purchased as a former drift car in Japan. It came factory equipped with the 2.0 turbocharged “SR20DET” engine and a 5-speed manual transmission. The engine and trans work flawlessly with no issues. The engine has good compression and the transmission has no grinds or pop outs. The body is the primary concern on the vehicle as the chassis shows a lot of wear and tear from multiple drift events. Underneath the beautiful Midnight Purple III paintwork you’ll see bent frame rails, dented rocker panels, and some light separation on the chassis. Being a drift car, it’s safe to say the car has been love tapped a few times, and there is evidence of a front left collision repair in the engine bay. Luckily the body is free from any serious corrosion and the rust looks to be surface level at best. While the underside has seen it’s fair share of track use and abuse, the rest of the chassis has been stitch welded and reinforced to increase rigidity. The exterior wears a full Origin Labo Fujin body kit painted in the iconic R34 GTR Midnight Purple III finish. Consisting of wide FRP front and rear fenders, custom front and rear splitters, side skirts, and a roof spoiler, this 180SX looks quite aggressive although the fitment on some panels is questionable. If ya squint it’s mint. Other exterior upgrades include a set of aftermarket tail lights, BMS 12 spoke wheels, and 326Power lug nuts. The interior features a few performance oriented upgrades and is already gutted in the rear. A Bride Ergo driver’s seat and Recaro SR2 passenger seat sourced from an Evo III keep all occupants secure and a deep dish MOMO steering wheel displays appropriate “drifting” branding. The dash has quite a few cracks throughout and was drilled out for the inclusion of four additional gauges. Boost, oil temp, water temp, and voltage. None of the gauges are operable. The digital climate control display is fully functional and all dash buttons and switches work. The odometer shows 123,791 kilometers which only translates to about 76,920 verified miles. An M’s intake, unbranded exhaust, and unbranded front mount intercooler provide a modest power boost over stock while still maintaining reliability, and a Blitz ECU increases the rev limit and increases max boost. Cusco coilovers give the chassis a nice drop and a factory LSD spins both rear wheels without a hitch. The brakes are strong and should last the next owner a while before needing replacement. This car is solid enough to be driven to and from track events and should do well as a turn key drift car, contact us today to send it sideways.

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All vehicles sold AS-IS and are subject to state inspection before registration
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