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The Honda Acty Street Limited is the definition of what a small, urban, runabout should be. Its surprisingly capable cargo volume, phenomenal gas mileage, and quirky good looks make it a blast to drive and own. The usefulness of this little van is seemingly endless. A city hauler, marketing vehicle, tiny adventure van, or simply just a fun commuter this unique van is capable of them all.

One thing is for sure, this pint-size van delivers an oversize smile to your face whenever you take it for a spin. At only 127″ long and 55″ wide this compact cargo carrier can squeeze just about anywhere. The van shows incredibly well considering its purpose in life is to be a functional hauler.

The Honda Acty was primarily designed for functionality and the Street version was more family-oriented. The full rear hatch opens completely parallel with the roof making loading up cargo a breeze. With two full-size sliding doors, passengers can easily scoot in and out. For those times when you don’t need the back seats, they can be folded completely flat giving you 6′ of usable space.

A/C unit is equipped in the Street to provide cooling from the vents. Unlike most traditional vans the sliding doors actually do have roll-down windows to aid rear passenger air circulation.

Part of what makes the Kei trucks so practical is the fact that the 656cc 3 cylinder is mounted below the rear cargo deck. The mighty, twelve-valve, 3 cylinder has the ability to pull 50 mpg and still get you down the highway.