1993 Toyota MR2 JDM RHD 3S-GTE Turbo Motor with Kouki Taillights for sale along with K24 swap kit items. Asking 17,000 OBO. MR2 runs /drives and has a clean title. Speedometer/PS does not work. AC Works but the compressor is making noise and needs to be replaced. Paint is in decent shape for a 30 year old car. Clear coat is intact. Dash was curling and was removed and repaired. Minor cracking left will include Foam dash filler and paint.
Included with Car:
Hux MR2 Cannibal Kit K24 Mounts E153 Trans Adapter, Flywheel machined for K24.
Comp Twin Disc Clutch (E153)
Radiator Hose Kit for K24
Billet Thermostat Housing
K24 Coolant Sensor Bung
Fuel Regulator Fittings and Gauge
Fuel Filter and fittings
KO Racing Twin Fuel Pump Hanger
Mishimoto Radiator and Fans for MR2