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Toyota Aristo
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Richmond, VA
34,139 miles
Transmission Model
Toyota Automatic Transmissions
VADLR $299 Processing Fee. This Toyota Aristo has a legal Virginia State Title, all the import paperwork, and is ready to be registered in your state. California residents will have to research whether or not they can register this vehicle. The vehicle is subject to State Inspection prior to being plated. This vehicle is sold AS-IS This is a used vehicle imported from Japan. Many Japanese imports in the USA are purchased at auction, where they undergo a thorough checkover prior to sale. We have attached a full vehicle history report from Japan including full auction documentation, mileage records, and more. Please see the attached PDF to view the complete history on this Aristo
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The Toyota Aristo is a subtle Japanese sedan packing a big secret under its hood. Originally designed to compete with German luxury sedans of the time, the Aristo ended up outperforming even the most prestiged offerings from Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz. Sold in the US market as the Lexus GS300, the Aristo made waves in the automotive industry with its innovative yet affordable amenities and superb build quality. However, there was one difference that set the JDM market Aristo apart from all the rest. While the USDM GS300 was equipped with Toyota’s naturally aspirated 2JZ-GE Inline 6, JDM Aristos were equipped from the factory with the twin turbocharged 2JZ-GTE, the same engine found in the iconic Mk4 Toyota Supra. This 3 liter bulletproof powerplant delivered unheard of acceleration at the time, and with a few small modifications these engines are known to produce upwards of 500 horsepower while maintaining the same standard of reliability that Toyota is known for. Combine this power with the practicality of a 4-door sedan and you have one seriously cool family car that can hold it’s own under any driving condition! This particular Aristo is a 1993 model year example in superb, time capsule condition, and it is ready to start a new life here on U.S shores. The exterior is finished in a beautiful, original coat of Toyota Pearl II, a creamy whitish silver that looks absolutely stunning in the right light. Toyota purists will be happy to know that the vehicle is completely stock, free of any modifications inside or out. The original paint is in fantastic condition, with absolutely no signs of clear coat fade, pitting, scratches or dents. There is some light staining on the front bumper, but other than that the exterior is all but immaculate. Even the original 16” alloy wheels have maintained their original finish quite well and are wrapped in a top quality set of Bridgestone Potenza S001 rubber. If you thought the exterior was clean, the interior manages to impress even more. For a tan interior, the condition of all fabrics and plastics is extremely impressive, with no signs of rips, tears, or stains throughout the entirety of the cockpit. The OEM seats have held up well over the years and look the same as when the car rolled out of the showroom. The two tone brown/tan dash is free of any damages, and all dash buttons and switches work properly. The OEM radio is missing, but we can install an aftermarket unit at the buyer’s discretion. The leather wrapping on the factory steering wheel is near perfect and feels great in your hands as you chug down the road. The OEM instrument cluster is fully functional and displays just 54,953 original km’s (34k original miles!). No wonder why everything looks so immaculate, the car’s hardly been driven! JDM enthusiasts will go nuts over the factory lace seat covers, an OEM option that’s guaranteed to catch the eye of any passenger this Aristo picks up. Turn the key, pop the hood and you’ll see the showstopping 2JZ-GTE idling so quiet you’d hardly know it was on. Talk about a sleeper, this engine produces a stout 275 hp, propelling this family sedan to highway speeds in no time. The powerband is smooth, and the automatic transmission sends power to the rear wheels effortlessly. For a car with such little miles, it should come as no surprise that this Aristo drives like a new car, yet we manage to stay surprised every time we get behind the wheel. It’s that good. If you’re a Toyota enthusiast looking for their next great collection piece, or a speed freak in search of a family sedan that’s a bit out of the ordinary, this Aristo is one car that shouldn’t be slept on.