Maker: Suzuki
Car type name: Caryy
Grade name: 660 ku 3 方 4wd
Exhaust volume: 660 CC
Year-en type: 1993 (1993) 0
Imported car model year expression: 0 years (0 years)
Distance Distance: 78,000 km
Distance status: Real drive
Color system: black system
Color Name: Black
Car inspection effective date: Masato Masato until October
Mission: 4-speed manual
Body type: minicar
Model: V-DD51T
Number of doors: 2 doors
Made number of passengers: 2 seater
Drive method: 4WD, AWD
Fuel: gasoline car
Inspection record book: None
No repair history
Candle number (3 下 3): 861
Recycling deposit money: 0 yen
Import route: –
Handle: right
Car History: –
Owner’s history: Multiple owners
Delivery conditions: –
Air conditioning: –
Smart key: –
Sunroof: –
Lowdown: –
Powerste: –
CD: –
Genuine leather seat: –
Non-smoking: –
Power window: –
MD: –
Genuine Aero Parts: –
Pet Signs: –
Centralized door lock: –
DVD Videos: –
Genuine Aluminum Wheel: –
Limited car: –
ABS: –
TV set: –
Horizontal slip prevention device: –
Test drive, current car confirmation: –
Airbag: –
navigation: –
Traction control: –
instruction manual: –
ETC: –
Backcamula: ○
Cold zone specification car: –
New car warranty: –
Keyless Entry: –
Electric Slide Door: –
Welfare vehicles: –
Spare Tire: –
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· About recycling deposits, only “Yes” can be displayed in the specification. Please be sure to check the dealer for the dealer of the deposit money.

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※ All prices are tax included
Vehicle body price
Ten thousand yen
Total to pay
Ten thousand yen
※ What is the total payment?
Total payment = Vehicle body price + expense
In addition to “Vehicle Body Price” for purchasing used cars, “expenses” are required.
The total amount of payment includes all the necessary expenses required at the time of purchase (the expense of liability insurance premium, the legal cost of automobile tax, etc., the cost of registration such as registration procedure expenses, etc.) is included.
If you add maintenance, warranty, options, etc. based on your needs, the cost is required separately.
· Total payments assumes a store delivery. If you wish to deliver to your home, you will receive a separate payment cost.
· When registering except for agency transportation stations located in stores, the amount of fees and taxes may differ depending on the placement place of the car and the registration month. For more information, please contact your dealer.
· In the case of a vehicle inspection vehicle, it also includes the costs needed to obtain a car inspection.
[Caution] The total payment amount changes in the following cases.
· If you want a land transportation to a designated place such as your home
· When registering except for agency transportation office of dealer location
· If “creation month” deviates between business talks-contract-registration
(If the registration month is shifted from March to April, the amount of automobile tax will increase.)
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Mad Black Complemented 4WD 5 Speed ​​Low-year type, low-priced for sale,
Vehicle state
Camping car

New car property

Eco car tax reduction target car

Registration (notification) unused car

vehicle inspection
2022 (R04) October
Legal maintenance
Legal maintenance
Please check with your dealer for the state of the vehicle.
Without warranty
It is also unfumeless and paid guarantee.
Casensor certification
Quality evaluation information
How to use car sensors certification
This car is a used car that has received a car sensor certification evaluation. (Examination date: 2021/03/08)
Comprehensive evaluation
Some scratches are observed in the interior and outdoor.
Repair history
View [Vehicle Quality Evaluation Book] of this used car
Equipment specification
Full airer

aluminum foil

W Air conditioner

Blu-ray playback

Music server

Music player connection possible

Back seat monitor

Bench seat

3-row sheet

walk through

Electric sheet

Seat air conditioner

Seat heater

Full flat sheet


Idling stop

Obstacle sensor

Cruise control

Antitheft device

Collision damage reduction brake

Parking assist

Width airbag

Side airbag

Curtain airbag

Discharge drive

LED headlight

Front camera


All surrounding cameras

Electric rear gate

lift up

Thermal model

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Name for sale
Bakuyasu Auto Bakuyas Auto
“Bakuzu” used car specialty store Bakuyas Auto! Total over 300 or more!
Professional staff carefully select and purchase used cars above the price, and sell at the price of surprise.
“Automotive is expensive” Turn off such images and find your treasures together!
We do not have warranties for sale for used cars other than the warranty target car sold by our shop. Please purchase after understanding in advance.
1 minute by car from Chiba North Inter! Please feel free to stop by ♪
We are waiting for your visit to everyone!
Corporate name
Bakuyasu Auto Bakuyas Auto
Street address
Hanamigawa Ward, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture 782-15
business hours
10: 00-18: 00
Regular holiday
Open all year round (indefinite holiday)
Operating License
1. Anti-property permit [451450019537 /
Kanagawa Public Security Commission]