Technical Specifications
Make / Model
Suzuki Cappuccino
Serial number
Richmond, VA
~43,614 miles
Engine Model
660cc Kei Engine
Transmission Model
5 Speed Manual
VADLR $299 Processing Fee. This Suzuki Cappuccino has a legal Virginia State Title, all the import paperwork, and is ready to be registered in your state. California residents will have to research whether or not they can register this vehicle. The vehicle is subject to State Inspection prior to being plated. This vehicle is sold AS-IS
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The Suzuki Cappuccino is a Japanese, subcompact sport “kei car” beloved and praised by enthusiasts across the globe. For those unaware, a Kei car is essentially a sub-subcompact car, intended for navigating the tight corners and corridors of Japan’s mountain roads and city streets. Their low displacement engines provide excellent around-town fuel economy, but most car enthusiasts opt to modify them for performance, equipping these cars with aftermarket intake and exhaust systems and dialing in the suspension to make the car a serious contender on winding togues. Do your research and you’ll realize that there are a ton of awesome kei cars to choose from. The Autozam AZ-1 with its cutesy styling and gullwing doors, the Honda Beat, with its trademark mid-engine design and zebra print seats, but no Kei car is as powerful or daily drivable as the Suzuki Cappuccino. The Cappuccino is a Kei car and then some thanks to its turbocharged 660cc powerplant. Add a splash of 50/50 weight distribution, go-kart like handling and a 3-way targa top roof and you have a recipe for some serious backroad fun, whether you’re in Tokyo or Texas. This 1993 model year is a perfect example of a bone stock Cappuccino and stands as a testament to why this car was so brilliant in factory form. The exterior of this particular Cappuccino is in great shape. Finished in Suzuki’s Mercury Silver Metallic, this Cappuccino exterior has received a grade 4 at auction, a difficult feat to obtain for a 28 year old vehicle. The paint is flawless and contrasts quite nicely with the gunmetal metallic targa roof. JDM purists will appreciate the fact that the exterior has been left completely stock, down to the OEM 14” alloy wheels. With only 70k original kilometres, (43,614 miles!) this Cappuccino is one of the most well-preserved examples we’ve ever seen with a rust free body and beautiful interior. Despite its small size, this kei car is quite roomy inside, and will comfortably seat most people 6 feet tall or under. The original leather upholstery on the seats is in good shape, with only one slight defect on the right side driver’s seat. The dash is free of any and all cracks, a rarity on cars of this age, and all buttons and switches work as expected, down to the factory climate control with Air Conditioning! The OEM tri spoke steering wheel has remained in excellent condition over the years and feels appropriate for piloting this subcompact rocket ship. The 3 way top comes off with ease and has the capability of being a full targa top, split t top, or full convertible roof! Driving this car is an experience in itself. Turn the key and the 660cc turbocharged 3 cylinder engine springs to life. Like the rest of the car, the engine has been left completely unmodified, and is perfect for someone looking for reliable around town transportation, or an empty canvas for a unique big power build! A sticker on the timing cover suggests a belt replacement was performed at 57k kilometres, further confirming the fact that this cappuccino was meticulously maintained by the previous owner. The turbocharger spools up quickly and delivers a nice flutter when the gas is released. For a three-cylinder engine, this powerplant delivers wonderful amounts of down low torque and shifts through the 5 speed manual transmission are smooth and direct. The factory suspension is plenty nimble for spirited driving and this Cappuccino darts in and out of corners with ease. If you’re into quirky vehicles that are as fun to drive as they are to look at, this Cappuccino is a strong contender. Schedule a time to see it today and discover how sometimes the best things come in small packages.