Technical Specifications
Make / Model
Nissan Skyline R32
GTS25 Type XG
Serial number
Richmond, VA
~84,669 miles
Engine Model
Nissan Skyline GTR GTS RB20 RB25 RB26
Transmission Model
5 Speed RWD Transmission
Custom yellow-green and rainbow flake paint
Aftermarket body kit (front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper)
AVS VS-5 Wheels
Recaro LX Seat
Aftermarket Steering Wheel
Defi Triple Gauge
HKS Intake
Greddy Radiator
Greddy Oil Cooler
Blast Pipe Exhaust
HKS Coilovers
VADLR $299 Processing Fee. This Nissan Skyline R32 has a legal Virginia State Title, all the import paperwork, and is ready to be registered in your state. California residents will have to research whether or not they can register this vehicle. The vehicle is subject to State Inspection prior to being plated. This vehicle is sold AS-IS This is a used vehicle imported from Japan. Many Japanese imports in the USA are purchased at auction, where they undergo a thorough checkover prior to sale. We have attached a full vehicle history report from Japan including full auction documentation, mileage records, and more. Please see the attached PDF to view the complete history on this Skyline
Vehicle History
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Sold as is (no warranty)
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If you’ve been following the JDM import market at all over the past year, you may have noticed a continuous upward trend in the prices of classic JDM icons. Not only is supply decreasing in Japan, but demand is increasing in the USA, as more and more right-drive cars begin popping up on the road every day. The R32 Nissan Skyline is one import car that used to be an incredible performance bargain for American enthusiasts. Now, these vehicles are becoming phenomenal investments for those who bought them early, as values seem to keep steadily climbing. For those looking to keep things on a budget, examples such as this naturally aspirated 1993 Nissan Skyline “GTS25” are a perfect option to get the Skyline experience without breaking the bank. Equipped with a healthy amount of aftermarket modification, this 4 door R32 is a perfect all purpose Skyline, and would make an excellent daily driver or weekend warrior. Originally finished in Nissan’s KH2 gun grey metallic, The exterior has been resprayed and finished in a custom metallic yellow-green finish. An eye-popping paint color akin to Mountain Dew, this paint turns heads wherever it goes and is a great compliment to the aggressive aftermarket body kit on the vehicle. Consisting of a fiberglass front bumper, side skirts, and rear bumper, this body kit flows well with the stock body of the vehicle while still retaining that signature R32 look. The hood, roof, and trunk are black with a custom metallic rainbow flake, a wild addition that looks incredible in direct sunlight. Complimenting the bold paintwork is a tasteful set of 17” AVS VS-5 Wheels, finished in a beautiful pearl white. The interior is immaculately clean for a 28 year old vehicle and is free of many of the common issues that plague 20+ year old Skylines, namely the bubble and crack-less dash and pristine upholstery on the OEM seat fabric and door cards. The driver’s seat has been swapped for an old school Recaro LX reclineable unit, which holds you in quite well around turns. The seat shows some bolster wear, but all other fabrics in the interior are rip-and tear free and look like they just rolled off the showroom floor. The only other modifications to the interior are an aftermarket deep dish steering wheel and Defi triple gauge pod, displaying oil temp, water temp, and oil pressure. The OEM gauge cluster is fully functional and displays just 136,262 original kilometres. Equating to only 84,669 verified miles, this robust and reliable Skyline is just getting broken in and is sure to keep the next driver happy for many more miles. Turn the key and Nissan’s stout “RB25DE” 2.5l 6 cylinder engine fires right up. Making a mere 180hp in stock form, this motor is surprisingly torquey and has just enough get up and go for performance driving, despite its lack of forced induction. An HKS intake helps the engine breathe better, and a Greddy Radiator and Oil Cooler help keep temps down to increase reliability of the engine. A custom blast pipe exhaust emits a surprisingly reserved tone and looks incredible jabbing out of the rear bumper. This frisky 4 door is a real treat to drive. The powerband is incredibly smooth and the RB25DE sings to redline with no problem. Shifts through the original 5 speed manual transmission are smooth and direct, with no grinds, pop outs, or other mechanical issues. A rear LSD sends power to the rear wheels without issue! A set of HKS coilovers were installed to give the vehicle a lower stance and improve handling tremendously in the corners. If you’re looking for a properly set up Skyline that still delivers classic JDM fun without draining your wallet, this R32 is naturally the best choice.