Technical Specifications
Make / Model
Nissan Silvia
Serial number
Richmond, VA
~87,925 miles
Kouki Front End
URAS Type II Body Kit
Aftermarket Hood
Origin Wide Fenders
Bomex Mirrors Type I
Work Meister S2R wheels
Bride Seats
Carbing Cage
Nardi Steering Wheel
Defi Gauge Suite (Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, Water Temp, Boost)
Autometer Tachometer
Billion Fan Controller
HKS F Con Pro (Antilag, Launch Control enabled)
SR20DET Stroked to 2.2
HKS GT3037 Pro S
HKS Intake
Apexi Exhaust
Greddy Front Mount Intercooler
Greddy Blow Off Valve
Greddy Intake Manifold
Larger Oil Pan
Oil Catch Can
HKS V Belts
Racing Gear Aluminum Radiator
OS Giken Cross Mission Gearset
OS Giken Rear Differential
Hurst Line Lock
Cusco Coilovers
Large front and rear swaybars
Z32 Calipers
ARC Shroud
VADLR $299 Processing Fee. This Nissan Silvia has a legal Virginia State Title, all the import paperwork, and is ready to be registered in your state. California residents will have to research whether or not they can register this vehicle. The vehicle is subject to State Inspection prior to being plated. This vehicle is sold AS-IS This is a used vehicle imported from Japan. Many Japanese imports in the USA are purchased at auction, where they undergo a thorough checkover prior to sale. We have attached a full vehicle history report from Japan including full auction documentation, mileage records, and more. Please see the attached PDF to view the complete history on this Silvia
Vehicle History
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Sold as is (no warranty)
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Up for sale is this one-of-a-kind example of the legendary Nissan S14 Silvia! Introduced in 1989, Nissan’s S chassis is internationally known as the go-to platform for drifting. Its perfect weight distribution, front engine rear-wheel-drive layout and light curb weight made the Nissan Silvia and 180sx easy to drive and even easier to slide around. While the USA received the S Chassis in a naturally aspirated 2.4l configuration, the Japanese domestic market received a few more exciting engine options, namely the legendary SR20DET “redtop”. Because of the car’s popularity in motorsports, aftermarket companies were pumping out boatloads of performance parts for these vehicles. It got to a point where it was nearly impossible to find stock examples of these vehicles, everyone that owned one wanted in on the aftermarket parts craze. Body kits, spoilers, and of course a wide variety of engine upgrades flooded the Japanese import scene, with the S14 being one of the poster children for some of the latest and greatest innovations in aftermarket parts design. J-Spec Auto has managed to get our hands on another hard hitting JDM S14 Silvia in the USA, and this particular 1993 model year example, equipped in top of the line K’s trim, is nothing short of incredible. There isn’t an inch of this car that hasn’t been meticulously modified, and one look at the exterior should make that pretty evident. The exterior is finished in Nissan’s iconic blue emerald paint, a lovely shade of teal that perfectly compliments this Silvia’s smooth, yet aggressive body lines. This S14 features a full body kit, made up of pieces from multiple established Japanese aftermarket design houses. The front bumper, side skirts, and rear bumper are URAS Type II. After seeing this kit in person, we have to say we’re fans of how URAS managed to maintain aggressive styling cues without sacrificing height or functionality, like other aftermarket kits. The front fascia has been converted to the fan favorite kouki style and looks extremely menacing, thanks to the addition of Origin style vented front fenders and a one-off vented fiberglass hood. A set of unique Bomex Aero mirrors further enhance this S14’s streamlined, head turning appearance. Of course, no modified Silvia would be complete without a standout set of aftermarket wheels to tie together the look, and luckily this S14 sits on a set of staggered 18×9 and 18×10 Work Meister S2R’s. A quality 2 piece forged wheel in a spec that leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. Wrapped in Kenda rubber, this big power beast has no issue putting the power down safely. The interior on this S14 is truly a sight to behold. It feels like you’re stepping into a rocket ship, and in some way, you are. The driver and passenger seats have been replaced with reclinable Bride units, perfect for increasing stability without sacrificing comfort. A Carbing bolt in roll cage adds some necessary chassis rigidity, and a Nardi steering wheel serves as a classy replacement over the clunky OEM unit. Its hard to ignore the gaggle of gauges affixed upon the crack free dash. Defi oil pressure, oil temp, water temp, and boost gauges are fully functional and help monitor critical engine vitals. An aptly named Auto Meter “Monster” tachometer ensures that you’ll never lose track of when to shift. A handful of aftermarket controllers have also been installed to give the driver complete control over the engine’s health and performance. An HKS EVC Electronic Boost Controller, Billion fan speed controller, and HKS F Con Launch Control and 2 Step have all been installed to assure that this insanity-spec S14 will stay dialed no matter the conditions. All these controllers must control something right? The OEM instrument cluster is still intact and fully functional and displays a verified 141,502 kilometres (87925 miles). Turn the key, pop the hood and let’s check out the heart of the beast. This SR20, er, SR22DET has been fully built, upgraded, and you guessed it, stroked to 2.2 litres of displacement. We do know this engine includes upgraded internals, however we did not receive any documentation of the specs. An upgraded camshaft also appears to have been installed. The forced induction system has been fully upgraded with quality components as well, the centerpiece being the healthily sized HKS GT3037 Pro S turbocharger, an internally gated turbo with quick spool and a big punch. A massive Greddy front mount intercooler cools the air after the turbo, and a matching Greddy blow off valve lets off a lovely chirp as you let off the throttle. An Apexi N1 Exhaust emits an aggressive growl without being too over the top. The stock intake manifold has also been replaced with a better flowing Greddy unit and fueling on the engine has been completely upgraded to support the existing modifications. While this SR is chock full of power mods, a few more modifications were made to increase the reliability of the motor. A large oil catch can ensures that any blowby situations are resolved, all belts were replaced with HKS V belts, and lastly, cooling is handled by an aluminum radiator, which does a superb job at keeping coolant temps at bay. With a modification list this extensive, a custom tune was certainly needed, and the buyer decided to utilize an HKS F Con Pro System to address any engine management needs. The F Con pro runs the vehicle without a hitch, and even includes launch control and 2 step ignition to fine tune even the most aggressive driving situations. We estimate this setup to be capable of 500+ whp in its current form. Those who know Nissans know that the stock 5 speed transmission is relatively stout, however the previous owner really went the extra mile with this one and upgraded the gears to a full OS Giken Cross Mission set, complete with matching rear limited slip differential. Driving this S14 is as exhilarating as you’d expect. Acceleration is intense, the HKS turbo spools quickly and the powerband is surprisingly smooth given the extent of the modifications. Novice drivers be warned, this S14 gets rowdy quite quickly. Shifts through the built 5 speed transmission are smooth and direct, and an upgraded clutch helps get power sent to the rear wheels without a hitch. Experienced straight-line drivers may have noticed the Hurst Line Lock unit tucked in the engine bay. This allows the front brakes to lock independently of the rear wheels, so you can spin your rear tires and burn rubber to your heart’s desire. Handling and braking have obviously been addressed as well. A set of Cusco coilovers give the vehicle a lower stance, stiffer front and rear swaybars help this Silvia stay planted in the corners, and Z32 300ZX calipers ensure that you won’t hit the wall after attempting a few top speed runs. This car has a lot done to it, but underneath all the modification, it is still a well-built Silvia at its core. If you’re looking for a great starting platform for a future build, or a turn-key ready warrior ready to destroy the ¼ mile strip, this one of a kind S14 is a do it all rocket ship sure to make a big showing wherever it goes.