Stock Number: 4955
The angular creases, classic proportions, and pillar-less side profile made the Laurel into a staple of Nissan’s full portfolio of sedans. Unlike anything on the roads today you can’t deny that the Laurel stands out regardless of how understated it may be. The Laurel positioned itself between the Skyline and Cefiro, sizable enough to accommodate four adults, yet small enough to easily wield around in city traffic. The trademark of this generation was its pillarless styling, which created a massive daylight opening and unobstructed visibility for lane changes and parking. The two-tone White Pearl (KH0) over Pebble Beige (CG2) color combo is timeless while not blending into the crowd. The little details like the turbo front bumper add a little more aggressive tone that only those in the know pick up on. The paint shows quite well though we’d never call anything showroom new. There are always going to be those little blemishes line stone chips and scratches in the clear coat, but nothing of real concern. The body mimics the paint with nothing out of the ordinary besides a few little door dings. Since there’s no point in messing with a good thing the aesthetics have been left all stock.
When you design a car that looks this cool, you can’t skimp out when it comes to the interior. Take the supremely comfortable seats. While they’re BarcaLounger soft Nissan made sure to add some high bolsters to keep you from sliding about. Normally the seat base and that bolstering are the first things to go, but we don’t have any signs of that here. The passenger and rear seats are in even better shape which is impressive considering the lighter color of the cloth. The door panel fabric inserts are clean, however are delaminating a bit which is a common issue with Laurels. On the bright side, the dash shows no major sun damage which can also be an issue with Nissans. It even has the original steering wheel which is another high wear item that typically gets replaced down the road. While it was originally equipped with the audio controls in the wheel, which was cutting edge for the time, those no longer function since it has a newer head unit in it. All of the other basic power accessories work as they should like the power windows, power-folding mirrors, and power locks. With the pillarless design, it’s hard not to spend all your time rolling around with the windows down. It does have automatic climate control as well for those days when you can’t take advantage of the fresh air.
The RB20E engine runs smoothly and while it won’t win many races it has proven to be quite reliable. You can easily transplant in its turbocharged twin-cam brother (the RB20DET) down the road if you’re looking for some more power. Based on how clean the car is overall it would make a great platform to build off of. The Laurel idles smoothly and has surprisingly little vibration. With only 75K verified miles on this car, the engine has tons of life left in it. The automatic transmission shifts happily through the gears and is a very comfortable driving car. You even have sport and snow modes to give you a bit more control over the trans depending on the situation. The stock suspension is definitely geared more towards comfort than it is performance. When you’re dealing with something like this though you’re going to want more of a daily suspension as opposed to super stiff coilovers. Though if you do decide that you’d rather firm it up and lower it down on some new wheels they use the same suspension as the S13 so you have no shortage of options available. We did go ahead and take care of all the routine maintenance to get this C33 back in prime shape. The basics like a fresh battery, air filter, and oil change are a given. 4 new tires make sure you’ve got plenty of grip for miles to come. Some of the less obvious bits are the new front lower control arms, front struts, and tension arms. The previous owner even replaced the timing belt about 26K miles ago so you won’t have to worry about that for quite some time. For the enthusiasts who don’t want to drive what everyone else does, this could be the ticket. Its one-of-a-kind looks, 4 door practicality, and efficient driveline make it a prime daily driver.