Striking a delicate balance between form and function, this TownAce 4wd camper is spacious enough to host a small party, yet compact enough to navigate overgrown forest roads. Built on the CM65 Toyota truck chassis, this camper sports true 4wd, with selectable high and low range transfer case. The 2.0 liter diesel engine is coupled with a 5-speed column-shift manual transmission. 65,000 original miles.
While in our care, this camper received a multitude of cabin upgrades, and underwent a mechanical and cosmetic transformation.
Mechanical overhaul work includes: timing belt, idler pulley, tensioner pulley, cam oil seal, crank oil seal, oil pump oil seal, water pump, thermostat, timing cover gaskets, injection pump pulley, alternator belts, AC belt, power steering belt, all new coolant hoses, all new fuel lines, all new 2.5” exhaust, fuel filter, air filter, front and rear differential gear oil, transmission gear oil, front brake caliper rebuild, front wheel bearing service, front hub seals, 2” suspension lift, new all-terrain tires, steering alignment, and new starting battery.
Cosmetic work includes fresh paint on lower half of camper, reupholstered front seats, and detail work inside and out.
Camper upgrades include new sink and water pump, cutting board counter, conversion bed/sofa, new 12v refrigerator, 200ah isolated AGM battery system, new porta-potty, new vent cap, and new vinyl plank flooring.
Price: $35,000