Maker: Mitsubishi
Car type name: strader
Grade name: –
Exhaust volume: 2,500 cc
Year Code: 1991 (1991) November
Imported car model year expression: –
Distance Distance: 224,000 miles
Distance status: Real drive
Color system: Ao system
Color Name: California Light Blue
Car inspection effective date: November of the traditional Japanese
Mission: 5-speed manual
Body type: Pickup truck
Model: S-K34T
Number of doors: 4 doors
Fire Capacity: 5-seater
Drive method: 4WD, AWD
Fuel: diesel car
Inspection record book: None
Repair history: I do not know
Candle number (3 下 3): 268
Recycling deposit money: –
Import route: –
Handle: right
Car history: private use
Owner’s history: Multiple owners
Delivery condition: Talk
Air conditioner: ○
Smart key: –
Sunroof: –
Lowdown: –
Powerste: ○
CD: ○
Genuine leather seat: –
Non-smoking: –
Power window: ○
MD: –
Genuine Aero Parts: –
Pet Signs: –
Centralized door lock: ○
DVD Videos: –
Genuine Aluminum Wheel: –
Limited car: –
ABS: –
Television: ○
Horizontal slip prevention device: –
Test drive, current car check available: ○
Airbag: –
Navigation: ○
Traction control: –
instruction manual: –
ETC: ○
Back Camera: –
Cold zone specification car: –
New car warranty: –
Keyless Entry: ○
Electric Slide Door: –
Welfare vehicles: –
Spare tire: ○
Mitsubishi Strada W Cab 4WD
November 1999
Model S-K34T
Exhaust volume 2500 cc
Car inspection and ordinance November of November
Light oil
Mt5 speed
224,000 km
Five capacity
Tires 265 / 70R15 Bridgestone 2011 7 minutes
Wheelsteel wheel 15 inches
The exterior is the case of the third year of the tradition
It painted all the sheetboard shop.
Color is a California light blue of North American Toyota genuine color
I think that the interior is beautiful in this year.
I think that the driver’s seat and the passenger seat sheet are exchanged.
Currently, air conditioning does not work. Air conditioner compressor replacement
You will need. I am confirmed by the electrical store. It is also possible to fix it here after a successful bid, but it may be time to take time.
It will be an old car, so please understand if you can understand.
If possible, if you can check the current car, please.