1991 Honda Beat PP1

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_EfLbWlZn4&ab_channel=RegularCarsThis is a tiny car, even by Japanese standards.

If you hear someone say the NSX was “the best Honda ever”. No. You will hurl a chair at them, scream that they are wrong, that they are fools for sleeping on the tiny but magical Beat. WARNING: Do not test drive this Honda Beat unless you are fully prepared to buy it. There is no coming back from that and nothing will ever satisfy you in the same way!

Upgraded suspension, upgraded seats, and speakers. 112k miles.

The vehicle was designed to meet Kei car specifications for lower tax and insurance in Japan.

Why You Should Buy One:

The Beat is one of the few Kei sports cars, featuring a mid-engine layout and a high-revving three-cylinder engine. If you love the Mazda Miata, you will thoroughly enjoy driving the Beat. Plus, seeing one in the US is a rare sight, so you are bound to attract attention at local car shows. The Performance:

Since the Beat has to conform to Kei car regulations, power comes from a 656-cc three-cylinder engine with individual throttle bodies producing just 63 horsepower and 44 lb-ft of torque. Yes, we know those figures are minuscule but please don’t check it off until you’ve heard more about the Beat. Power goes out to the rear wheels through a five-speed manual transmission and there was no automatic option, so there’s some good news, and the engine doesn’t reach peak power until 8,100 rpm. You can basically think of the Beat as a mid-engined S2000 that happens to be a lot slower. If you have the rare opportunity to drive a Beat the experience is outrageous. The top speed is limited to just 84 mph and 0-60 mph takes around 13 seconds. This means you have to constantly drive it at full throttle, bringing the engine up to its motorcycle-like 9,000 rpm redline. The Beat may be slow, but we promise driving an underpowered car like this at the ragged edge squeezing through traffic is far more enjoyable than piloting an exotic supercar in traffic.

The size:

This is smaller than your average Kei car, yet still roomy enough for most adult men. Amazingly, at least in terms of leg and headroom, it doesn’t feel all that much smaller than the Miata. In comparing it to everyone’s favorite small sports car: The NA Miata, the wheelbase is actually around an inch longer in the Beat (90 inches) — however, the Miata is more than two feet longer than the Beat, which is just 129.7 inches in length. This means the Beat has approach and departure angles that would make Wrangler owners happy. It’s also about 10 inches skinnier (55 inches overall) and 400 pounds lighter, at 1,675 pounds

The closest thing to a Beat would be a Toyota MR2 but I’d rather think of it as a Micro-NSX ^_^

This vehicle is part of the Kei A, B, C sports car line up including the Mazda AZ-1, Honda Beat, and this Suzuki Cappuccino. 

  • Condition

    This convertible sports Kei car was inspected in Japan.

    • ENGINE/Transmission: inspected and running strong.

    • BODY: Excellent shape, very few noticeable marks or scratches with no corrosion there is not even any rust.

    • INTERIOR the seats are a little worn but otherwise an extremely clean specimen. 

    • WHEELS/TIRES included are factory standard OEM wheels.

    • BRAKES fully functional, strong in good health. 

  • Transportation

    I can TRANSPORT up to 200 miles from Zip Code 06033. (I..e NYC area, Providence RI, Boston/Springfield MA, Albany/New York City NY, Manchester at a rate of 0.65 per mile for the full trip.