Stock Number: 4929
The MR2 has the same MR (Mid Engine/ Rear Drive) drive train layout typically reserved for more expensive, exotic cars. Coupled with Toyota’s legendary reliability, this sleek mid-engine coupe offers a rewarding drive, great fuel economy, and low cost of ownership. Finished in one of the MR2’s most desirable colors, Super Red III (3J6) it doesn’t get much better than this. What color is more fitting for a proper two-seat sports car than red? The paint looks great on this one with only a few typical little blemishes from stone chips over its 61K verified mile lifetime. Its timeless proportions have been kept all stock since there no reason in messing with a good thing. The body is particularly clean though we also note to expect a few little door dings and minor blemishes you’re bound to get with any 31-year-old car. A set of white 16″ 5 spoke wheels replace the rather generic stock ones and really pop off that Super Red. The factory fogs are a nice touch that come in rather handy at night as well.
Much like the body, the interior has been kept all stock. Toyota did a great job with the layout and design of this chassis and was a big step up from the previous generation. Being that this model is the G-Limited it came with items like the power-folding mirrors and automatic climate control. The power windows work as they should, though it worth nothing that the power mirrors only fold so you do have to manually set the glass. The cloth buckets offer great support without feeling like you’ve got to squeeze into them. Both seats have been kept up with well as the typical wear spots like holes or bolster break down is nearly non-existent. The passenger seat does have a stan on the seat base, it looks like from a liquid that spilled and not water damage though which would be a bigger issue. The door cards and carpeting, on the other hand, are free of any stains or markings. The expansive dash is in decent shape, though along the defrost vent the dash is starting to peel up a bit. We see this fairly often in SW20s and Z32s where a combination of the sun and heat from the defroster causes the adhesive to start separating (which you can see in the photos.) Shockingly the other high wear items like the original wheel and shift knob are in great shape which are typically some of the first things to go. You even have the original radio and CD player which is normally something that’s either removed or replaced at some point. Upgrading it to a newer double din with all the bells and whistles is also a really easy swap if you want to get into it down the road. Then again when you pop off the tops and let that 3S-GE sing you likely won’t find much of a need for a radio.
Mechanically this car has been well kept up, and with the mileage this low it’s to be expected. The mid-mounted 3S-GE has been left untouched which is both reassuring and surprising. Typically we expect to see small changes like an air intake or an exhaust, but this one is still just the way Toyota had intended all those years ago. Factory rated at 163 hp this little coupe is no slouch either. The MR2 is a prime example that you don’t need to have crazy power to make a car fun. Plus once you start getting into the upper RPMs these things really scream this close to the back of your head. The 5 speeds shifts easily and the factory gearbox was really well set up by Toyota. The shifts are very precise without the need for aftermarket help. Since it still has the factory suspension the ride is quite nice so longer highway drives aren’t back-breaking. We have given it a fair bit of work in the shop to make sure that it’s ready for its new US voyage. A new battery cranks to 2L up quickly. A Fresh fuel filter and set of plugs also helps it out as the RPMs climb. Since parts overlap with the MR2 that we had stateside you won’t have any issues with general maintenance. Especially since the previous owner just replaced the timing belt about 5K miles ago and has some of the original service records in the glovebox. Now that everything is back up to speed it really doesn’t get much better than this when it comes down to a new daily driver that’s just as at home making a run to the grocery store as it is carving up back roads. For those after a proper sports car that could easily handle daily duty then look no further!