1990 Suzuki Carry Dump w/ Diff & Axle Lock

Authentic, useful, and just a joy, EXTREMELY low miles (~76k miles, 123k km) 1990 Suzuki Carry DUMP a top-rated Kei truck in Japan. Made by Mazda (same as the Mazda Scrum) made since 1961. This truck is part of the latest engine eligible for import as the 550cc engines were replaced by these 660cc engines. This truck can be put in 4×4 and has a 4 speed which is better for city streets and offroad, and diff plus axle lock for serious conditions. 

These trucks are amazing for hitting the trails, farming, landscaping, hunting, construction. They can fit on trails other trucks cannot and can be driven registered for street use which UTV’s or Side-by-sides cannot.

Added cost savings include lower cost of ownership from reliability, better gas mileage, lower property taxes, and lower insurance costs from this classic vehicle. 

  • Condition

    This truck was purchased at a certified dealer in Japan having had all maintenance done prior to shipping.

    • ENGINE/Transmission inspected and running strong. 

    • BODY as a real work truck there are plenty of dents, scratches, and rust, however nothing major and no concerning corrosion. 

    • INTERIOR again as a real work truck it’s not a show truck. Not clean, but all intact and operational. 

    • WHEELS/TIRES which are included are 12” OEM steelies. Popular upgrades include 13-15″ wheels (which can be found inexpensively). 

    • BRAKES fully functional, strong in good health. 

  • Transportation Info

    I can TRANSPORT up to 200 miles from Zip Code 06033. (I..e NYC area, Providence, Boston, Springfield, Albany, Manchester at a rate of 0.75 per mile for the full trip.