Stock Number: 4928
With GT-Rs commanding serious money these days it’s rare to see an all-wheel-drive R32 out terrorizing slushy winter roads. These grippy, capable, communicative chassis are especially good when conditions aren’t the best, and it’s a shame that so many are garage queens. The good news is that you can find some middle ground with models like this 1989 GTS-4 sedan. Sharing Godzillas ATTESSA AWD system and the zingy RB20DET, this five-seater is fast, fun, and practical. Finished in a Light Gray Metallic (TG0), the body is in good shape other than some normal chips, dings, and scuffs. Best of all this recently serviced and legally imported sports sedan boasts only 68K verified miles. Fantastic for daily use, or as an unmolested platform to tune, this highly collectible Series 1 four-door is hard to beat.
The cabin is above average in condition compared to our typical Skyline. The interior fit and finish was never a strong suit of this model, by this one was obviously cared for in Japan. The dash lacks the common passenger side bubble and regularly fetch two thousand dollars for that piece alone. The view ahead is clear and unobstructed and the hawkeyed enthusiasts will even notice the rare OEM parking pole. The automatic climate system is simple to operate and intuitive situated directly below its factory radio. The pixels look good, and not a single button is missing. The clarity is impressive and we really love seeing these things still working so well. The seats are in wonderful shape and lack any major imperfections like rips, stains, or tears. The power-folding mirrors and electric locks and windows are all functioning as they should. The headliner is clean and the door cards are tightly upholstered. Even the carpet looks decent for a vehicle of this age. That’s not to say the interior is perfect as we did want to note some slight glovebox sag and a damaged passenger front plastic air vent. Still, at three-decades-old it’s remarkable how well this car held up!
The R32 sedan platform is way more refined than most expect. Unlike the S-chassis cars, squeaks and rattles are less pronounced and the car feels less flappable and more substantial overall. The heart of this Skyline is the RB20DET. Fresh off an oil and filter service, the inline-six fires up promptly thanks to a new 12V battery. The 2.0L mill is nearly vibration-free, with its perfect primary and secondary balance. Power is fed through an automatic gearbox to both front and rear. The transmission shifts properly and lacks any clunking or hesitation. Frankly, the autos maximize torque delivery and this one sure does scoot. Gearing is fine for sustained highway use, and the long-wheelbase gives this platform some nice high-speed stability. The suspension has been refreshed with new HICAS arms and feels confident. The Skyline gobbles up larger potholes with confidence and the braking system feels direct and reassuring. Power steering is standard and this AWD sedan actually boasts a tidy turn radius. The silver, lightweight factory alloys are all wrapped in new all-season rubber at all four corners. They quiet down the ride nicely and will last for thousands of miles to come.