1988 Daihatsu Atrai Turbo Intercooler Super Cosmic Roof

Built off the Daihatsu Hijet a top-rated Kei truck in Japan. Hijet’s and Atrai’s have been made by Toyota since 1960. This van has the popular Turbo intercooled motor as well as the skyroof called “Super Cosmic”. It has well-appointed interior and premium features often left out of baser model vans.

This is comparable to the Honda Acty Street, Suzuki Every Turbo, Subaru Sambar Supercharged, Mitsubishi Minicab Bravo, etc.

  • Condition

    This truck was inspected in Japan in great condition with low miles.

    • ENGINE/Transmission inspected and running strong.

    • BODY a few small dents, scratches, and rust spots, however nothing major rear gate touch up paint. 

    • INTERIOR for this age it is very clean. 

    • WHEELS/TIRES which are included are 12” OEM steelies. Popular upgrades include 13-15″ wheels (which can be found inexpensively). 

    • BRAKES fully functional, strong in good health. 

  • Transportation

    I can TRANSPORT up to 200 miles from Zip Code 06033. (I..e NYC area, Providence, Boston, Springfield, Albany, Manchester at a rate of 0.65 per mile for the full trip.