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1970 Mazda Cosmo Series II/L10B
This is not just a car, or even a Legend. It goes beyond that in the form of a myth. But we assure you, this is as real as the RPM’s it climbs. This is the mother, the dawn, the start… of all high revving rotary sports cars. An origin that would become so impacting it would set the world on fire for Japanese cars, rotary fans, racing, classic car enthusiasts, engineers, and car collectors alike. The rotary engine was so revolutionary (in more ways than one) that it was herald at the time as the engine of the future. Because of the lasting impression and technological advancements the Cosmo made, it solidified Mazda’s brand as synonymous with the Wankel engine. A duo that still, today, keeps them hand in hand in the minds and hearts of car lovers everywhere.
This is a 1970 Mazda Cosmo. The Mazda Cosmo was built by hand at about a speed of 1 per day. 1,176 were built in total, but only a much more limited number have survived over the 51 years since its birth, making this car a true rare treat.
This Cosmo is of the highly sought after Series II batch. A revision of Series I preferred for its many upgrades cementing its sports car performance. Factory upgrades include a horsepower increase (110hp to 128hp), power brakes, a 5 speed manual option over a 4 speed, a wider wheel base for better room and handling, and larger wheel size from 14″ to 15″. These upgrades helped launch the cars fame and success in a painstaking 84 hour endurance race at the Nurburgring Ring in Germany.
This specific Cosmo was restored in Japan in the mid 2000’s. The car is in very original condition other than the Nardi steering wheel. This car was sourced by us at JDM Legends and upon arrival at our shop was gone over with a fine tooth comb to our satisfaction. This car is undeniably rare as it is in good running condition with the original 10A rotary engine. So rare that even Jay Leno’s Cosmo doesn’t have the 10A. This is a key factor as a testament to its originality and its value. These cars are rising in value every single day that goes by. A recent
example sold at auction for $260,000
This car is currently located in the United States and will be sold with a Utah state title. For more information or additional photos of the chassis condition, please contact
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