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13 Of the Longest-Lasting JDM Importers in the US

JDM Dealers in USA

The JDM scene in the US has exploded over the past 10 years thanks to popular movies such as “The Fast and The Furious”.

The barrier to entry to calling yourself a JDM importer is low, all you really need is a dealership license and a few JDM cars. As such, it’s not uncommon for JDM importers to appear and disappear over night.

We here at JDMBuySell.com have scoured the internet and found 13 of the oldest JDM Dealers in the US; the dealers who have stood the test of time. View our full list of +52 JDM Importers & Exporters.

This list is ordered by date of business establishment.

JDM Legends

Another O.G. in the game of JDM importers. JDM Legends was created in 2008 by Eric Bizek and Trey Cobb, who is also coincidentally the owner of well-known tuning brand Cobb Tuning. Based out of Murray, UT., they mainly focus on importing older JDM classics from the 60’s and 70’s, but they do dabble in some newer cars as well. Moreover, JDM Legends have created some of the best and cleanest Japanese builds that the United States has ever seen. Check it out for yourself at jdmlegends.com

J-Spec Auto Sports Inc

Known mostly for premium JDM motors and parts, J-Spec Auto rides themselves for selling only premium quality parts. They have been in business since 2009, which tells us that they are doing something right. In addition to selling parts, they also sell their fair share of cars. Why don’t you show them some love by going over to jspecauto.com and maybe pick up something.

Duncan Imports & Customs

Duncan Imports specializes in hard-to-find JDM cars, mini trucks, classic, and muscle cars. Over the past 10 years they have made a name for themselves in Christiansburg, VA. and the country as the go-to place for Japanese cars. They pride themselves on having an inviting and friendly atmosphere which in-turn has given them any return customers. www.duncanimports.com is their website address and you should definitely check them out.

Toprank International Vehicle Importers

This Californian Import company has one of the best-looking websites we have ever seen! Additionally, they have a huge variety of JDM cars that confirms to everyone’s budget and taste. They have been around since 2011 and specialize in cars that pass California’s strict set of rules. Go on over to www.importavehicle.com and see for yourself why they have been the premier importer in their respective state.

Driver Motorsports

Based in Rutsberg, VA., Driver Motorsports prides themselves on offering only the cleanest and most popular cars to ever come out of Japan. The fact that they have been around for over eight years should tell you that they’re doing something right. In addition, Driver Motorsports takes care of all the paperwork and shipping, making your purchase stress-free. Head on over to www.drivermotorsports.com and check out their amazing inventory.

Wolfreign Motors

This Oakland, Ca. JDM importer has been around since 2012 and are renowned for bringing some of the best cars that Japan has ever offered to northern California. They basically take the reigns when it comes to getting a JDM car imported. This includes taking care of the bidding and shipping, making it amazingly easy and stress-free for the customer. Head on over to WolfreignMotors.com and browse their impressive cars and parts they currently stock.

Japanese Classics

Founded in 2013, Japanese Classics is a full-service dealership that focuses on importing 100% legal JDM cars. They personally inspect every car for you in Japan before pulling the trigger. This close attention to detail has made them the go-to place for anyone in Richmond, VA. or even the whole country! You can get in contact with them via their website.

Montu Motors

Their moto is: “Owning your dream has never been easier.” Based out of Tampa, Florida, Montu Motors has steadily made a name for themselves since 2014. They have been featured on many networks such as Road & Track, Car Throttle, ABC Action News, and so on. They specialize in uniting customers with iconic cars such as GT-R’s, Supra’s, ETC. Go ahead and check out their amazing inventory at montumotors.com.

RHD Specialties

RHC Specialties is based out of Kent, Washington. Although a fairly new business (2015), they have built a solid customer base thanks to their focus on importing the cleanest and best JDM and LHD European cars available. Being enthusiasts themselves, RHD Specialties knows what you want when it comes to finding the car of your dreams. Drop by their lot or visit them at rhdspecialties.com.

JDM Car and Motorcycle

In order to set themselves apart from the rest, JDM Car and Motorcycle specialize in odd Japanese vehicles along with scooters and bikes. From an Isuzu Rodeo camper to a Honda Motocompo, if it it’s weird, you’ll find it here. They are newcomers to the industry with only four years (2016) in the industry, but we are sure they will be around for a long time. Stop by their Seattle, WA. Location or visit their website and see for yourself.

JDM Auto Imports

Locate in Janesville, Wisconsin (a short drive from Chicago), JDM Auto Imports prides themselves in their streamlined buying process and impeccable customer service. After six years in business they have developed an amazing knack for having customers leave with a smile on their face every time they purchase a car though them. Go ahead, see for yourself what all the hype is all about at jdmautoimports.com.

Japan Direct Motors

Being Auto enthusiasts themselves, Japan Direct Motors knows what you look for when it comes to buying your JDM dream car. They have been operating in Irmo, SC. since 2015 and are known for importing cars in every condition. This means that there is a car for everyone’s budget. Whether you want a clean, ready to drive car or something that requires a bit of elbow grease, they have exactly what you are looking for. Their online inventory can be found at www.japandirectmotors.com.

Elusive Auto Company

Their claim to fame is importing JDM vehicles and hard-to-find USDM cars. They will go to any length and use any means necessary to get you into the driver’s seat of your dream car. As a relatively newcomer to the import industry (2017), Elusive Auto Company is slowly but surely building up their customer base while keeping prices as low as possible. If you happen to be in Pittsburgh, PA. make sure to stop by their showroom or even better, head on over to www.elusiveautoco.com and see what they have to offer.

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